Have fun planning your next party with this simple, elegant tool to keep every detail organized and at your fingertips. Make it a Simple Soirée!

Liza'a Simple Soirée Party Planner takes the stress out of entertaining and puts the fun back into parties. It's an easy-to-use mobile app that you’ll have with you in your pocket or purse to keep track of party details. Forget a menu item or guest? No problem. Just add the information on the go!

Imagine…no more lists on scraps of paper around your home, forgotten details or incomplete shopping runs. Simple Soirée convenience means one place to plan your theme and menu, record RSVPs, and coordinate shopping lists and errands. It’s highly intuitive and flexible. The app also records your parties and events for future reference and/or use.

You can even use our optional Simple Soirée printed stationery to have all your information organized and neatly presented on one sheet of paper, complete with tear-off shopping lists!







































Create Your Guest List

The new enhanced guest list page gives you more options. It allows you to add guests directly from your iPhone or iPod’s contacts list, create a new guest and add to your address book, or simply add a new guest to your event without adding to you address book.

Easily track RSVPs and party head count including the number of guests each person is bringing to your party. As guests RSVP to your invitation, the RSVP status will automatically update to reflect their response, or you can manually move the handy slider to “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”.

The New Guest Details screen allows you see your guest's info and add custom notes as well.

Invite your Guests & Stay in Contact

Simple Soirée now allows you to create elegant invitations that can be sent directly to your entire guest list.

Enter all your party details on the invite page. Create your invitation. Send notes or reminders to everyone or only certain groups.

Simple Soirée will automatically generate an elegeant email and web page that your guests can RSVP to. All you have to do it press the green sync button on the bottom right of your "Guests" screen and all your RSVP's will always be up-to-date!

Now, how Simple is that?

Manage Your Menu & Shopping List

We keep it Simple.  No confusing bells and whistles that you don't need.

Plan your menu with the option to link items to your shopping list. Record and track your party décor, entertainment and errands. Track to-do items that don't fit neatly into other categories.

You can even view your Shopping Lists by Store or by Category. 

Export Your Information

Export your event info in a variety of formats!

All Lists: Use this option to send all your information including guest names, addresses and phone numbers, your entire menu, shopping lists and to-do items.

Names and Emails Only: This feature saves time and allows you to receive an HTML formatted email with all your guest names and emails, which can be copied and pasted into a new email or an online invite service.

Liza's Simple Soirée List: Use this to export and print all the info from your event directly onto our Simple Soirée stationery. Click here for more info.


iPhone/ iPod Touch


"This app is so easy to work with. And it's extremely versatile, so I can use it not only to plan parties, but also to get organized for vacations and camping trips. I'll never forget the ice or my passport again!"

Bob C.
New York, NY


“As a busy business owner and mom of 2, party planning used to mean digging through e-mails, sticky notes and spreadsheets... Simple Soiree alleviated all the chaos by providing a single place to store my party details and the ability to access them while on the run. The user interface is super easy to use with templates to help ensure nothing is forgotten."

April Fraleigh, CEO - mushietushie.com


“Simple Soiree is the most comprehensive party planning application available. I’ve checked out other event planning tools and they are either limited to a specific type of party (like children’s birthdays) or they don’t have the breadth of functionality.”

Lynne M.
Wilton, CT